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AnastasiaDate’s Mobile Chat

You naturally never want to be away from your favorite Lady. Now, thanks to AnastasiaDate’s new Mobile Chat, there’s no reason to be out of touch with the one you love, wherever she is. AnastasiaDate’s Mobile Chat gives you the power to stay in contact with your favorite ladies anytime…

About Mobile Chat

Mobile chat is a mode of Live Chat and works when your Lady is away from the website and uses a mobile phone to answer and send messages. You can use the Live Chat interface to send SMS messages to the one you care for.

You will always be connected to your Lady, even when she is away from a keyboard, as long as she has her mobile phone with her.

How does it work?

AnastasiaDate’s Mobile Chat is as simple as SMS, and is straight forward to use. Mobile Chat forwards messages from AnastasiaDate’s Live Chat once your Lady has linked her mobile number to the Live Chat window and allowed the system to forward your messages to her phone. She will receive your messages as SMS.

Mobile chat only works when your Lady is offline. Now, thanks to AnastasiaDate’s Mobile Chat, your favorites are within reach even when they are away from their computer!

To best understand how Mobile Chat works, try it with a Lady you’ve already chatted with a few times. We believe your Lady will also want to try Mobile Chat.

Specifics of Mobile Chat

Mobile Chat was especially created to enhance the opportunity to Chat and to eliminate the need to be online in order to Chat.

Ladies who are connected to Mobile Chat are clearly indicated in your Contact List and on their Profile (1).


To prevent our service from becoming too intrusive, the SMS service goes into night mode from 10pm until 9am in the Lady’s time zone.

AnastasiaDate does everything to allow you to communicate with your favorite Ladies whenever and wherever they are...